Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I want to be pregnant during Advent

No, not this Advent, clearly.

But should I in my life find myself married and pregnant, I’d like it if part of the few months of the pregnancy to overlap with the holidays. Because it just makes sense, doesn’t it? You get to prepare for your baby and Baby Jesus at the same time. I’m someone who likes my metaphors to hit me over the head with their obviousness, and being pregnant during Advent would definitely fit that category. I find myself thinking that in church every Sunday of Advent, and I’m happy for the glowing mothers-to-be I see there during that time. My CP church is having a baby shower on the first Sunday of Advent. Is there really any more perfect date for that?

Advent is my favorite time of year. It’s just so warm and cozy. On my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother, Ted meets a girl named Victoria at a wedding. Instead of kissing, they just lean in close for a long time, almost-kissing, because Victoria believes the drum roll leading up the kiss is the most romantic part. Advent is like an awesome drum roll. Taking the time to relish in the waiting and preparation just makes Christmas that much more amazing.

Disregarding the tacky, secularized commercialization , it’s that time of year when more is more. More decorations, more prayer, more lights, more songs, more gatherings. It doesn’t become cluttered, but builds to a magnificent crescendo-ing drumroll, reaching its peak Christmas Eve and grandly concluding with trumpets and choirs of angels on Christmas Day. What better way to start the Church year than with an abundance of everything that makes the Church beautiful?

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