Tuesday, July 9, 2013

St. Bridget

St. Bridget was born in 451, the daughter of an Irish lord. She often gave food and clothing to the poor. When she realized her beauty attracted suitors, she prayed to God to take away her beauty. Her prayer was answered. When her father saw that she was no longer pretty, he gave up trying to marry her off and let her become a nun. A number of miracles are attributed to Bridget, both in her childhood and after she became a nun.

She was the first nun in Ireland. After she consecrated herself to God, her beauty returned. She is often called the “Mary of the Irish” because of her gentile spirit, purity, and beauty. She founded a convent for other girls, as well as a school of art that included a metal workshop and scriptorium. She died in 525.

St. Bridget’s feast day is February 1, the former first day of spring in the Irish calendar. Along with Patrick and Columba, she is a patron of Ireland.

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