Friday, March 21, 2014

Quick Takes Friday (vol. 84)

1. I’ve started a number of blog posts but haven’t actually gotten around to finishing them (much like my schoolwork). Hopefully I will get back to some of them soon. 

2. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with school recently. I was not as productive over spring break as I hoped. I’m going to be continuously busy from now until the middle of May.

3. Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist Church died this week. I’m not really interested enough to do a whole post on his passing. I just hope that people don’t retaliate with protesting; it just shows that they are no better than the WBC. Forgiveness is way more powerful than revenge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the church is going to disband without him.

4. On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to revisiting several movies this weekend and fitting in a 25-page paper somewhere in between. 

5. Somehow, between bouts of total laziness and bouts of frenzied schoolwork, I’ve been doing more fiction writing in the past week or so. It’s slow but steady. I’m happy to see progress, as that type of writing usually only happens sporadically. Maybe by summer I’ll have a good amount to edit. 

6. We’re hitting the middle of Lent, which is usually when I have some sort of existential episode. Obviously I’m going to try to avoid it, but it’s probably wise to be on the lookout for it and actively seek ways to enrich my spirituality during this time.

7. Last, I saw this video on facebook last night. Only in Italy.

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