Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 85)

1. I’ve arrived at the most stressful part of the year. Trying to get lots and lots of work done while still fitting in time for Easter, family, and friends. Making time for others is helping my sanity but really taking a hit on my schoolwork. So to alleviate some stress, here are some videos and songs that have brightened up the more stressful days lately.

2. Samuel L. Jackson artfully expresses the beauty of Boy Meets World. In related news, the Girl Meets World promo was released this week. Even if the new show is awful, I'll have to watch it for a bit just to see Corey and Topanga.

3. Action Bill. Lego stop motion, Shakespeare and Star Trek? What's not to like?

4. I finally got around to watching Scrubs. I knew I would like it when I realized that the writers clearly liked the same music as me. It fully won me over with Erasure's "A Little Respect" taking over the hospital.

5. All that is wonderful about being a girl in the '90s: Spice Girls and Disney princesses.

6. A slightly sacrilegious song to prepare for Holy Week.

7. A more serious song to prepare for Holy Week.

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