Friday, October 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 91)

1. It's October 3.

2. Ah, the expected workload hit this week. Back to the grad school grind. I actually got an assignment when an unspecified page limit—just write until I have adequately covered everything. Commence the blaaaaah.

3. I also have to get a thesis topic together this month. I kept hoping something would leap out, but no. I’m thinking of taking one of my religion papers and expanding it, but I’ll have to run it by my adviser. I just my topic to be something I like writing 100+ pages on. I want to enjoy the research. Otherwise, I’ll be a grump for the next year.

4. I watched the Mighty Ducks 2 this week, because I was between TV shows on Netflix. It was good in a 1990s-“USA-USA-USA” way. But I genuinely liked the soundtrack. 

5. I normally don’t like Catholic girl lists. I think I don’t relate to a lot of them being raised Protestant. However, this one was pretty good. So much #10. And seriously, #17, can I take snacks to confession? And now I know what my team member was quoting when we were discussing the quality of wine used in church and she said, “This is church, that was Jesus, and you are a lady.” 

6. While it's not like sin can actually be quantified, I did enjoy these charts of the seven deadly sins in the U.S. And I thought the way each sin was calculated was interesting.

7. Balloon hats.

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