Friday, April 3, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 101)

1. I passed my thesis defense this week. I found myself eerily not-nervous about it. Now I'm in the revisions/submissions/paperworks portion, which is challenging in its own way.
Surprising accurate, although I lacked a sword.

2. I've also been considering stay on an academic route. If money weren't an issue, I would easily be a perpetual student.

3. While also preparing for my thesis defense, last weekend I presented and worked at a big, annual conference. It went amazingly well, but I'm still exhausted from everything. Working on campus for 11 days in a row is not fun. Trying to cram in extra library time while there is just crazy.

4. I tweeted this earlier in the week when I realized just how close I am to getting my master's. Never satisfied. 

5. I am aware that this is also Holy Week. I enjoyed seeing all of the statues,crucifixes, and plants covered in cloth on Palm Sunday. (A cold snap Saturday night led to the plants looking like they were taking part in the day.) One of the churches I attended in undergrad does donkey rides in the parking lot on Palm Sunday; I really wish that were a more popular thing.

6. Holy Week is always tricky for social gatherings. I want to catch up with friends who are all in town for Easter, but you can't really go have drinks and chill when we all have evening Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil services. Add a day of fasting in there along with the awkwardness of being celebratory during the time, and the Triduum is just doesn't work as a reunion season like Christmas does.

7. Fortunately, Easter lasts for several weeks! So there's a good chance of hanging out with my friend in our Easter hats and eating discount candy in the near future. Gloria, indeed.

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