Friday, December 18, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 108)

1. The new Star Wars movie is out. While I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, the franchise does contain one of the best movie spoilers of all time, so I'm trying to avoid spoilers until I see the film later this weekend. It's like a Harry Potter book release all over again.

2. I'm not alone in my fears.

3. Star Wars mania is really getting out of control.

4. Now, everyone has their favorite character: Hans, R2D2, Chewy. But I'm a dork who always liked Luke best. This has caused some worrying since he is suspiciously absent from the promos. So let me just say this: there has been growing fan theories that the Empire was right, that they were a stable force trying to stop religiously-trained terrorists. While it's a far-stretched theory, if Luke turns out to be evil, I'll be all aboard the Empire train.

5. There is also the theory that Jar Jar is actually a mastermind with jedi powers that uses a facade of ignorance to worm his way into Senate power. It's a pretty far-stretched, yet awesome theory as well.

6. But as I said, I'm not that big of a Star Wars fan, much more a Trek girl. So I'm having mixed emotions about the next Star Trek movie. Simon Pegg is my only hope. 

7. VII!

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