Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jesus was not an American politican

I came across this article yesterday which addresses something that always bothers me when it comes up. Partisan politics has no place in the pulpit. A good Christian can be libertarian or progressive or apolitical and still be a good Christian.

My home church is made up of people all over the political spectrum, and maybe that's why I know whatever party you believe in politically does not shape what you believe spiritually. I've heard of pastors that preach in the pulpit which political candidates to vote for, and I can tell you, if that happened in my church, I'd feel very very uncomfortable. The church should not alienate those with different political point of views. People chose politicians for lots of reasons. They pick parties hoping it will make the country better. Voting Republican doesn't always mean a person wants to burden the poor. Voting Democrat doesn't always mean a person is pro-abortion. Both parties have good and bad qualities. Neither has a monopoly on being right.

The Republican Party as done really well in marketing itself as the moral, Christian party. But it's just marketing. Christians are all over the spectrum, and it's damaging for churches to demand members follow one party and condemn another. Churches argue enough within the church already; do we really need to include political campaigns into the mix?

Stop the inner-fighting and start the Christian loving.

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