Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 44)

1. I’m a bad convert, pretending I’ve actually studied much of my faith while I actually have two glaring omissions. I really need to read Augustine and Aquinas, especially Aquinas because every time I read a quote of his, I love it. It would be nice to read him in context.

2. Some crazy fundies were at my alma mater’s campus this past week. Last time they were there, it was Holy Week, and it saddened me to see little kids there during the most holy time of year, learning to spout hate from their parents. It was the usual repent-or-be-damned thing. The students would try to calmly debate, and really, it was all rather civil. I’m kind of sad I missed out this year. All we got here were the Gideons.

3. I got to encounter these Gideons while leaving from the morning prayer group that started this week. It’s sad that good feelings from a morning Rosary get squelched  by trying to dodge a bunch of old men in suits pushing New Testaments on you like it’s crack and giving you I-know-you’re-a-Satanist-whore stares when you turn them down. On a positive note, I’m really looking forward to this prayer group. It’s a good way to start off the week.

4. We also started weekly Adoration this week, which I’m excited about. It’s nice to have that alone time with Jesus, which isn’t really alone since other people are there, but you don’t have to acknowledge anyone else, which is extra nice. In fact, even a cricket joined us. It was at the front of the altar for at least 35 minutes, not moving, so some thought it was dead. But once the monstrance was moved, it hop, hop, hopped on out, perfectly fine. So I’m now convinced that at least some crickets are Catholic. 

5. I experienced an odd sensation when I first got to Adoration. It was like the air was too thick for me to breathe normally. I actually had to open my mouth and take a few deep breaths. It was like the opposite of a panic attack (a peace attack?). A panic attack feels like the atmosphere is normal, but your lungs are constricted and won’t take in air. This felt as if my body was fine, but something in the air was different. Just another sign of how physically I’ve been experiencing God lately. 

6. On Sunday, my priorities were as follows: Mass, update resume, fiction writing, nap, editing, watching DS9, groceries, checking to see if I had homework, working on blog, calling parents, figuring out what homework I could put off until Monday, and lastly and most leastly, actually doing homework. It’s going to be a long semester.

7. How I felt looking for an internship during the department’s networking night this week:

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  1. Number 7 is hilarious, but I am sorry it is difficult for you. Love the story about the cricket!