Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 43)

Things I learned this week:

1. I have a hard time saying no. Ergo, my campus activity is up, and my writing is down.

2. I love my night class. I like ending the day with a smile. It makes a difference in my week.

3. Looking at my updated resume, I still don’t like it. Never did (back as a sophomore in high school on Word Perfect), still don’t. I’m not sure if I’m dissatisfied with my accomplishments, or just need to find a better font.

4. My fiction writing goes well if I sneak off to the library and stay away from technology for a few hours.

5. My fiction writing doesn’t go well if I sit near the religion section and browse titles.

6. I’m thinking my Quick Takes for the whole semester might just be “Things I Learned This Week.” Because learning is fun. I’m in full-blown student mode.

7. The word blog comes from “web log.” I did not know this. But I do not feel stupid, just young, because I was still in elementary school when people used phrases such as “electronic mail” and “World Wide Web.”

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! I'm new to your blog! I didn't know that blog comes from "web log" either...thanks for sharing!