Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 42)

Seven things from my first week at school:

1. Post-its. Seriously, I can’t stay organized without them.

2. Why do all my Econ classes want to have ice breakers and get students to know one another? I wasn’t aware that Economics was so touchy-feely. I don’t want to form study groups or make friends; I just want to come to class.

3. On related note, group projects? Ew. I know “you have to work with people in the business world,” but I still think group projects are unproductive. I already proved I can work well with others; I passed kindergarten.

4. My introversion is really showing on those last two posts. Which is weird, because I normally keep it so hidden…

5. Why the heck are there night classes that go until 10pm? I should be in my jammies curled up in bed way before 10 pm. Besides, after September, I’ll be missing The Big Bang Theory every Thursday night. The sacrifices I make for education.

6. Just because I get in my jammies by 7pm every night (except when I have night class), doesn’t mean I’m getting to sleep anytime reasonable. I’ve fallen into a wack-a-doodle sleep pattern of 3 am-6:30am, and then 4pm-8pm. But geniuses such as Jefferson and Franklin apparently did that too, so instead of seeing how unhealthy I am, I’m just pretending I’m a productive smartypants.

7. Seriously, stop complaining about parking. When I was editorial editor at my alma mater, I would toss 90% of the letters about parking problems, because (at least on the campuses I’ve experienced) getting here 15 minutes early or being willing to walk across campus eliminates any parking “problem.” Just stop it. I’d rather talk about the weather, because at least the complaints change seasonally. 

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  1. I hate group projects, mainly because my perfectionist streak requires me to do all the work so that it will be done correctly. Talk about control issues! I especially hate when someone does a half-a** job and then everyone gets a lower grade. At least I know that if I do everything myself, my grade is all my own too. Annette