Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 58)

1. Oh my, what a difference a space heater makes! Instead of 54 degrees, my apartment is now about 72, meaning I can actually manage crawling out of bed in the morning (or early afternoon, as I’m still on break).

2. Have you ever been familiar with an artist but not particularly liked them, and then all of sudden, all their music seems amazing? I’ve been going through that with Oasis this week. I’m still not sure what a wonderwall is, but I like it.

3. People have been reporting mysterious booming noises for a few days. I haven't heard any, but then again, I'm a hermit who tends to ignore the outside world, apparently even if it's falling in around me. The local news gave some weather-related explanation and then casually mentioned that the sounds have been reported recently in other countries. Unless Tennessee and the Netherlands are experiencing the same warm front, I don't see how those two facts line up. Weird. Until I hear an explaination that makes more sense, I'm going with government experiments with warp drive gone wrong.

4. School starts next week, but only on Thursday, so I don’t think that counts. And then I have Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, but I have every Monday off this semester, so I don’t think that counts either.

5. Slightly related note, business school book prices suck. Three textbooks bought off-campus? That’ll just be $400. I used to be able to get five or six communications textbooks on Amazon for less than $150.

6. Valentine’s Day candy is already on the shelves, and since Lent starts before Valentine’s Day this year, I’m going to go ahead and take advantage of the candy now. Planning ahead, like a good Scout.

7. Hey, Christmas is still going on! Though I admit, after Epiphany, I always forget. That’s because there isn’t a song called the 19 Days of Christmas (though maybe there should be). 

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  1. Taking advantage of the candy now is an awesome idea. I need to do that!