Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 65)

1. I’ve been pretty bad with the blogging lately. Spring responsibilities plus spring fever makes for a frazzled mind. However, I’m going to try to do 7 Quick Takes at least every other week.

2. So, I’m officially going to Northern Ireland and Scotland this summer for a study abroad! I’m really excited about this opportunity to study Scots-Irish and Celtic culture. There is something about Scotland that keeps drawing me back. Sometimes I just want to run away from home and raise sheep in the Highlands.

3. I’m still in the process of applying for grad school in the fall, but I’m getting closer and closer. So much paperwork.

4. I went to a going-away party last night for a friend who has joined the Peace Corps. She’ll be in the Republic of Georgia for two years teaching English. I really admire her sense of adventure and desire to help others. Part of me wants to take a leap like that. The other part really likes my cushy first-world life.

5. Ever since dropping accounting, I’d been on such a writing binge, but that ran out this week.  I tend to go on binges; I can never develop a discipline of writing regularly and have it produce anything I consider good. Hopefully I will get into another binge soon, because I’m really excited about some of the stories in my head.

6. As part of the last writing binge I was on, I started another blog. My TV is a TARDIS is mainly a place for me to write commentary to all the sci-fi I watch. I think it’s more for me than providing any insights to outsiders, but someone else might find it amusing.
7. As someone who prefers winter to summer, I thought I wouldn’t like this heat we’ve had lately. (It was in the low 90s this week; it snowed last week. Ah, Tennessee weather.) But I’ve actually been enjoying the warm weather; I even sat outside for an hour between classes Thursday. I did, however, sit in the shade, because I have a vampire-like aversion to the sun.

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