Thursday, April 4, 2013

Responding to Easter

I haven’t written anything this week because I’m recovering from Holy Week. There is just so much packed into four days. It’s all very extroverted and emotional, and it takes a while for this introverted thinker to gather herself afterward. It’s a lot to process, and I’m never sure what I think. Words are always inadequate, so I let the smells and bells speak to me. But after the Easter services are over and the chocolate bunnies are eaten, I still want to be able to put it in words that don’t sound hollow.

All the drama has unfolded. The prophesies fulfilled. The Christ victorious over death. So now what?

Suddenly, I’m in the here and now the burden is on me. I must act on this events instead of get caught up in the remembrance of them. I’m commanded to react. And that’s hard. I’m one who reacts in my head; I don’t jump and shout and smile. I let the feelings process through my mind. Outward expression isn’t my forte. And yet I’m challenged: Go. Do. Tell. What good is the good news if I’m keeping it all to myself?

I’m still trying to sort it out. I know I need to be doing something, to be responding to the resurrection in some way. I just haven’t figured out how yet.

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