Friday, March 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 64)

1. Tomorrow is my first anniversary as a Catholic!

2. I’m glad Lent’s over, because I’ve done a really poor job of doing what I set out to this season. Good thing this is a faith of forgiveness. Mess up, repent, try again, repeat. And there’s always next year.

3. Who scheduled new Doctor Who at the same time as Easter Vigil??? Bad BBC. The title is the episode is “The Bells of Saint John,” so it sounds Easter-y enough. (I’ve already planned midnight viewing of the re-broadcast while eating a Cadbury egg. The 21st century is a wonderful place sometimes.)

4. I remember being around 10-years-old when I asked my preacher why Good Friday was called Good. It seemed the day Jesus died should be something not-so-happy. He gave a satisfactory answer, and I know I’ve heard theological reasons, but I still think Good Friday should have a more appropriate, darker name. Crucifixion Friday, Day at the Skull, something. 

5. While I love Holy Week, I think it's too short. Everything happens so fast! I need a day for riding into Jerusalem, a day for the Last Supper, a day for the betrayal, a day for the arrest, a day for the trial/sentencing, a day for the Crucifixion, and a day for the Resurrection. The Last Supper, betrayal, arrest, and trail are always grouped. I know historically that would be inaccurate to spread them out, but I want to delve into each event.

6. I didn’t want to jump on the new pope bandwagon. I wasn’t going to adore the guy solely on the fact that he was our pope. But geez—It’s hard not to like Pope Francis. He’s still rocking the simple look, he’s washing feet at a juvenile prison, and he’s condemned the lack of action during the sex abuse scandal. He even made a personal phone call to his newspaper kiosk in Argentina to cancel his subscription (the guy on the other end wouldn’t believe it was really Pope Francis and said…well, some words you wouldn’t say to the pope). 

7. Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict met late last week. I would have loved to have been a fly with a universal translator on that wall. This beautiful picture of them comes from the Swiss Guard facebook page (which is totally worth following; all the pictures are great).

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