Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 63)

New pope edition! Just some of the things I've seen following Pope Francis' election.

1. What really goes on in the Sistine Chapel during conclave.

2. This seagull perched on the smokestack on the afternoon of the second day of voting. An early indication that the new pope would take the name of the patron saint of animals?

3. A comparison from the last papal election. I worry that we now experience the world through artificial means and miss out on the realness of the moment. I'm as guilty of it as anyone, but pictures like this always remind me of it.

4. He looked adorably nervous steeping out onto the balcony for the first time. 

5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wondered about this, seeing as Xavier was a Jesuit. However, the Vatican has confirmed the pope's name is in honor of Francis of Assisi.

6. No matter which Francis the pope honors, the title is Pope Francis, not Francis I. As a student journalist, this was a big pet peeve of mine. There is no such thing as a "first annual" something, because it's not annual until it's done two years in a row. Same principle applies here.

7. Papal photo trifecta!
(edit: Apparently that's not Pope Francis in the center. That's what I get for trusting facebook posts.)


  1. 1-I LOLed my head off for that one!
    3-Right? When my husband and I were on vacation, I kept telling myself to put the camera down and enjoy being there! I gave up my smart phone for Lent (and I sell cellphones for a living!) and I must hasn't bothered me a bit! It's nice to not be tied to it 24/7!
    7-AMAZING!!!! I love that photo!

  2. Love this! The others were funny, but #3 kinda blew my mind. The times they are a changin' I guess. But wasn't it cool that Pope Francis extended the Plenary Indulgence to all of us who watched on TV or our smart phones and WEREN'T also in St. Peter's Square?

  3. Talk about living in a technological age--all those camera phones! lol. Great photos and post!

  4. I love #1 and #7. LOLs and amazement.

  5. That picture is AWESOME! All three together. I wonder if they knew then . . .

  6. Love the #3 true! I was bummed too when I found out that last picture was not of the 3 last Pope's.