Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 86)

1. I’m finally done with classes and papers for the semester! I had a very heavy workload, but I got it done!

2. Last weekend, I went to Folly Beach/Charleston for a bachelorette weekend for one of my oldest and best friends. I had a wonderful time, and while my final papers may have suffered a bit for it, I think it was worth it.

3. One of my papers was on Russian Christian existentialist Nicolai Berdyaev. I’ve really gotten into his writings (and almost understand some of it). I need to get my summer reading list together.

4. Another reading assignment for summer is to look through some scholarly articles and find some ideas for a thesis. I’d like to have a good direction on a topic when I start classes in the fall.

5. With papers done, I have time to get into a few new shows I’ve discovered. The first is Moone Boy. It’s about a boy growing up in western Ireland in the early 1990s. Chris O’Dowd wrote it, and he also plays the boy’s imaginary friend.

6. The other show I’ve really gotten into is A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Daniel Radcliffe plays the young doctor in outer Russia in 1917. Jon Hamm plays the older version of the doctor in 1934 who sometimes talks to his younger self. Clearly I have a thing for comedies where the main character talks to an imaginary, older version of himself. I wonder if Netflix has a category for that yet.

7. Finally, it’s starting to feel like summer here, which means I try to avoid going out between 11 and 4. But on a positive note, I’ve realized I am a morning person, as long as the sun is up. I don’t mind getting up at 5:30 or 6 as long as there is some daylight. It’s too bad that the sun isn’t up that early during most of the school year.

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