Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday, (vol. 87)

1. I’m leaving today to work to Totus Tuus, a religious education program, this summer. I’ll be in a different parish each week. It’s a crazy-busy schedule, but I’m really hoping that it’s fun and fulfilling.

2. Training is in Alabama, which really messes up my unofficial “don’t head south in summer” rule. I’m expecting heat and humidity. Icky, icky humidity. I miss Scotland.

3. Because my computer threw a temper tantrum yesterday, I won’t be taking my computer with me. That means no blog posts and limited other technological interaction.

4. It’s probably good to have some time away from technology. I’m taking some heavy reading along I’m hoping to get into. I’m really just a novice at philosophy, but I’ll see how far I get with Dostoyevsky and Kierkegaard.

5. Without my computer, that means I can’t do the research I was planning to in anticipation of the fall semester. But again, it’s probably good to take one thing at a time and leave school thoughts for August.

6. Last week was pretty rough with paperwork snags, water-damaged offices, housing problems, and a temperamental computer. It made me really want some hermit time of ice cream and Netflix. Sadly, I only got one day of that for the entire summer. I might need to disappear for a couple weeks in August to recoup. 

7. On a lighter (darker?) note: Although I’ve never actually read Inferno, I love the imagery Dante uses. It’s a shame some people treat it like doctrine more than literature, but still, his descriptions of hell are screaming “made-for-TV.” Which begs the question: why isn’t Dante’s trip through hell already a popular film? In any case, here are the levels of hell in Lego form.

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