Friday, February 27, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 99)

1. I’ve had six snow days out of the past nine. That’s more than all my other college years put together. While some people have been getting antsy, I’ve relished the socially-acceptable hermit-life of being snowed in.

2. But snow days are really difficult to turn into productive days. I want to watch snow, watch Netflix, and read books for pleasure. I’m getting some work done, but not nearly as much as I would if I could go to the library. At least I don’t have classes this semester. Both students and teachers are massively confused by a two-week disruption to the sacred syllabus.

3. This month has gone by so fast (the blur of snow days hasn’t helped). My thesis defense and Easter are only a month away, with graduation and that hurdle into the real world shortly following. Maybe the snow will last longer, and I can hole away until June.

4. Best book review quote this week via the New Yorker: "The global appeal of the novel has led some fans to hallow it as a classic, but, with all due respect, it is not to be confused with 'Madame Bovary.' Rather, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is the kind of book that Madame Bovary would read.”

5. Best quote online via Reddit, in regards to the above quote: “Someone call Ray Bradbury because this is the biggest literary burn since Fahrenheit 451.”

6. I did not do the milk and bread run for this latest snow. And now I have no milk for snow cream. This is the most valuable lesson I learned this week.

7. I’m glad I remembered a Quick Takes this week. It was the only thing reminding me it was Friday. I haven’t gone to school on two consecutive days since the 12th, so my concept of days and weeks is a little muddled.

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