Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 100!)

1. I got up this morning, after writing five hours then sleeping five hours. Except for my 15 minute lunch break (which was not enough time for a full episode of The Andy Griffith Show), I wrote for 12 hours straight. My brain doesn’t work so good anymore, and I’m pretty sure my contacts are drying out. Thesis crunch time sucks, especially when I can’t stress-eat any meat.

2. I’m wondering if I should take up drinking coffee, even though I don’t like the taste or smell. I just need more caffeine than soda.

3. It didn’t help that weird weather fronts are giving everybody sinus headaches. There was a 45 degree difference between Wednesday and Thursday.

4. There wasn’t really a particular healthcare issue this week, but I did see this. Surprisingly, people tend to forget that pro-life is a broad topic (pro-birth, pro-natural death, pro-nonviolent resolutions, pro-healthcare).

5. I remember looking up lesser-known presidents back on Presidents Day. Apparently, that prompted this from Amazon yesterday:

6. Fun fact: Queen Victoria thought Fillmore was the most handsome man she had ever met. I get it. He sort of looks like a Baldwin brother.

7. Now I’m off to bed to dream of Easter, when my thesis is hopefully completed and Jesus opens up heaven. Those two things are currently tracking about even on excitement levels for me.

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