Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.20)

1. We got the Lenten schedule at church this week. I’m so excited. And not just because Easter means joining the Church this year, but because I just really like Lent. I like Ash Wednesday. I like the darker, dirtier parts of the faith.

2. I didn’t get much writing done this week because of tests and presentations. And procrastination.

3. Cookie cakes are awesome.

4. So are Roman numeral birthday candles.

5. I’ve found that I can keep myself entertained for almost an hour just by putting various words in Google’s Ngram. It measures and compares word usage over a period of time. I find it fascinating.

6. I watched the big game last Sunday. I'm talking about Puppy Bowl VIII of course. Go, Fumble!

7. Um...yeah. See #2. Procrastination.

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