Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 37)

1. I went in search of a particular book from a bookstore this week.

2. Two days, three bookstores, and about $20 worth of unrelated purchases later, I got the lone copy on the shelf.

3. I realized that if I had unlimited money, I’d spend so much on books.

4. I would also have to build a house with a huge library to store said books.

5. Instead, I spend rainy afternoons roaming bookstores, trying not to spend too much, but still spending more than I should.

6. I find the process of finding, purchasing, holding, and owning books almost as enjoyable as reading. Reason #1 why I don’t even consider getting a Nook or Kindle.

7. Reason #2 is that I was profoundly influenced by 1984, and I’m afraid information in digital form will be altered and by hoarding hard copies I will be able to retain the truth. I’m weird like that. 

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