Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 68)

I'm in Glasgow at the moment after almost a week in Northern Ireland, and tomorrow, I'm heading to the Orkney islands. I'm having a wonderful and taking lots of notes, but clearing not getting a lot of posting done. I will have lots to write once I get back to the States though. In the meantime, some pictures of my church-touring, which next to free museums is my favorite thing to do when traveling.

1. St. Augustine's (Church of Ireland), Derry

2. St. Columb's Cathedral (Church of Ireland), Derry

3. St. Columb's again

4. Long Tower Church (Roman Catholic), Derry

5. St. Anne's Cathedral (Church of Ireland), Belfast

6. St. Patrick's Church (Roman Catholic), Belfast

7. St Mungo's Cathedral/ High Kirk of Glasgow (Church of Scotland), Glasgow

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