Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Take Friday (vol. 83)

1. School has been cancelled for 2 and a half days due to snow this week. College snow days are bizarre. I still have papers due, but I don’t have access to the library, and I have hours of my assistantship mounting up that will have to be made up before the end of the month. All in all, snow days in college kind of stink.

2. Except that they don’t, because I can sleep in, enjoy the pretty snow without having to drive in it, and be free of responsibilities for a few days.

3. When people were saying 6-8 inches of snow, I didn’t really believe them, so I avoided the mad panic to the grocery store. Now I’m super low on food, but still well-stocked on alcoholic beverages. I haven’t determined if this is good or bad yet.

4. One of my classes is discussing expatriates in Paris in the 1920s next week, so I re-watched Midnight in Paris to get me in the mood. I had forgotten how good that movie is. It totally makes me nostalgic even while showing the dangers of nostalgia.

5. The Hemingway in Midnight in Paris has inspired me to go into The Sun Also Rises with a more open mind. I’ve never actually read much of Hemingway’s work; I’ve just been disinterested, but now I’m looking forward to it.

6. I’ve haven’t watched any Olympics coverage since the opening ceremony. I’ve been more interested in watching the American-Soviet tensions flare up than the actual events. I think the real winner is Bob Costas. As someone who has suffered eye infections, I think he is a real trooper.

7. And, since it’s Valentine’s Day:

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