Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just Another Sunday

I've been in a dark place the past few days. Nothing in particular triggered it, just a looming weight that makes everything hit a little harder and hurt a little longer. I know the feeling will pass in a few days, but it's difficult trying wait, even if there is hope. I went to church today knowing I really needed. I was that sick person in need of a hospital, that weary traveler in need of rest. I knew the looming wasn't going to go away in that single hour, but I didn't need an instant cure. I didn't get one. I just needed a lessening of the burden, enough to keep going, to keep hoping. And I got that. Enough to know that I'm not alone, that the darkness will lessen, that the words will return.

I got comforts and challenges and agape and hope and the prayers of saints and the Body and Blood of Christ. You know, typical Mass.

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