Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 97)

1. I’ve set dates for all my thesis deadlines, which is making this whole process a lot more real. This semester is going by far too fast.

2. I’m really enjoying research though. I wish I could just have the time to randomly root through archive boxes forever instead of focus on actually writing a paper.

3. While I’m super busy, I’m finding that I’m not as stressed as I normally am. Maybe that will change as deadlines get closer, but I think I just function better when I am working on one thing at a time instead of three or four classes all at once.

4. Focusing on one thing means less blog and personal writing though. The worst part is I’m getting lots of good ideas but instead of actually writing, I jot the idea on a post-it list of future endeavors.

5. On the domestic front, I did choose to sleep in this morning, and then I made my first attempt at making cheddar biscuits. Success!

6. Apparently the Super Bowl is still a thing and is this weekend. That means Puppy Bowl!

7. I’ve never been to Australia, but this might be the best ad campaign to make me want to visit there.

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