Friday, February 26, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 109) X Files edition

I had lots of plans crammed into the long Presidents’ Day weekend a while back. But snow and ice storms, amongst other things, canceled my plans, leaving me with three days of Netflix binging. I got sucked into X Files. I have a friend who tried to get me into a year ago, and I had been going slowly, an episode here or there. But I really synced with it that weekend and have since blown through several seasons. There are forthcoming blog posts relating my current sci-fi obsession to my faith, so brace yourselves for my latest geekout. 

1. I’m 20 years late to the party, but I’m totally on board the Mulder/Scully ship. Totally. They might simultaneously be my favorite platonic and romantic couple. Never has side-eye and hand-on-shoulder been so sexy. 

2. Scully needs to wear her latex gloves and surgical masks more often. Papers left behind by a killer? Gloves. Gooey body of unidentified humanoid? Bare-handed and uncovered mouth open. This is how all those alien diseases spread! 

3. I’m really glad the government had stopped smallpox vaccinations before I was born. And I can see where anti-vaccers are coming from. In fact, my binges are making me pretty paranoid about several things. I need to get some good detox literature lined up.

4. Family members of FBI agents must have terrible insurance rates. Same for any woman that crosses Skinner’s path.

5. I kind of don’t want to see the new episodes, because I can just go on the internet and see what post-9/11 Mulders are like in real life. That’s depressing. I need the distance. 

6. The show premiered in September 1993. That month is beginning of Eternal September, which refers to when AOL began offering Internet access for many people. Before then, the internet was mainly geeks and college students (with waves of newbies joining each September at the beginning of school, settling into the ways of the net within a few weeks). In Sept. 1993, the waves of new AOL users didn’t stop, forever changing the culture. I think this show is the perfect Eternal September show, in that it perfectly encapsulates 1990s tech. As agents, Mulder and Scully have cellphones and the internet, and both play incredibly large roles in plots. As the seasons progress, more and more common people have the technology too. The show seems to perfectly balance how technology was used in the 90s.

7. This scene. Just, everything about it. #blackandwhite #cher #walkinginmemphis #mutant #jerryspringer #mulderandscullydance #postmodernprometheus

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