Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 15)

1. I’m sad to take my little Christmas tree on my desk down soon. It was a good reminder that it’s still Christmas, even though stores and radio stations have moved on.

2. School starts next week, and I’m totally unprepared. I don’t even know where the library is, and I just got my schedule sort of fixed this week. And I have to get a parking pass and ID at some point…and notebooks and pencils and textbooks… I’m way out of practice.

3. Sunday night I went outside in shorts and a t-shirt. Then Monday night it snowed. By Thursday, it was up in the 50s. Ah, Tennessee weather.

4. Hopefully, we'll get the kind of snow that sticks on the ground but not the road this winter. I love when everything is all pretty and white, but I'm still able to drive around. Just because I have four-wheel drive now, doesn't mean I want to test it on icy roads.

5. I watched the Dr. Who Christmas special this week. So. Good. Am I the only one who sees major theological symbolism in Dr. Who? Probably. I’m able to see symbolism in almost everything these days. But how can I watch a show about a man beyond space and time who is always protecting humanity and not think of God?

6. I recently discovered the yumminess that is Laughing Cow cheese, particularly the mozzarella with sun-dried tomato and basil flavor. I've made many a meal this week out of it and Ritz crackers.

7. I've been thinking about how nice we are to other people is really the truest form of evangelism. Two examples: I've known a handful of Adventists in my life, and they all struck me as really sweet people. Then I worked with an Adventist this summer, and he was alwaying pushing his creationist beliefs on me, trying to get me to read Ellen White, and telling me how Jesuits were secret Satanists running the government. Though I know he was only one person, he completely soured my impression of Adventism. The second example is a woman I see at church on Sundays. I went to school with her daughter, and that's about the extent of us knowing one another. But she always says hello and seems genuinely happy to see me there. Just the simple "happy to see you" has made me much more comfortable going to church there. If a Catholic had pushed his/her beliefs on me last spring, I can almost guarentee that I would have resisted and closed my mind to the Church. But just by being nice and open, people allow others to see the way for themselves.

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