Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.16)

Back to school edition!

1. I had my first two classes yesterday. (I won’t have my third until Wednesday.) Both require a lot of computer usage! I understand it’s green and efficient to do quizzes and assignments online, but I’m old school. I like paper and face to face interaction. I was able to get through college before with only a handful of classes that had online components, but I guess that’s not the case this time round.

2. I realize #1 makes me sound like an old woman, but I did just graduate in 2010, I swear! I’m just a millennial that doesn’t particularly like computers except as word processers. Which means I’m a weirdo and will one day become the technologically inept old woman I sound like.

3. It didn’t occur to me that I’ll need a calculator in accounting classes. Totally spazzed on that one until I saw the syllabus. That’s what happens when a journalism major pursues business.

4. I’m super intimidated by the math. It’s not that I’m bad at math, but it’s foreign to me. I took my one required math class in college in 2007 and then promptly forgot all I learned because I was sure I’d never need it. I’ve never had calculus, but we’re using it in at least one of my classes, and I’m nervous about that.

5. I got to campus at 7:25 in time for my 8:15 class. I had heard parking was awful, so I was scared about getting a spot. I was about the ninth car there, but after about ten minutes, the lot was filling up, so I’m going to keep going that early and just eat breakfast in the car.I am worried about my parking situation when I get off work at 3:00, drive 45 minutes to campus, and have a 4:00 class. Hoping that will work out o.k. next week.

6. I am going to try to keep blogging even while the school work starts piling up (one day and I already have six assignments due next week). I'm hoping to do at least one post a week (probably on Wednesdays).

7. I keep telling myself that my GPA isn’t going to be as pristine as it was last time, and that it doesn’t have to be. Good (not perfect) grades and employable skills are what’s important. Yet I know I’m going to have a lot of stress when things don’t come naturally to me. I’m my hardest critic.

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