Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.27)

1. I got three other posts written this week! They are about what happens when I get something out of Lent, what happens when I don't get something out of Lent, and what happens when I watch way too much Doctor Who. Please check them out!

2. I saw the Hunger Games movie. I’ve decided the books are alright, the movie is only good if you have read the book, and that I still don’t get what the big hoopla is about. But I gave it a shot.

3. I realized this week that the dress I thought I was going to wear for Easter has disappeared. I guess it didn’t survive last summer’s closet purge. So now I have to go buy a new Easter dress. I hate shopping for clothes. I wish clothes that fit could just magically appear in my closet.

4. But I love shopping for movies and books. Most purchases are in piles or boxes because I lack the shelf space, but that doesn’t seem to stop me. I am sort of worried about which books I may have to leave behind when I move into my studio apartment.

5. I have a test next Tuesday, and after that, the only tests left are finals. It’s amazing how fast this semester has gone! Of course, I’ve had other stuff on my mind, like Confirmation. I am so excited for Holy Week!

6. I went to the Penance Service last night and went through my first Reconciliation. Hopefully, I’ll write more about it early next week.

7. And finally:

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