Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 77)

1. My writing here has been sporadic lately, and will only continue to diminish through November. (So much schoolwork due in November!) I’m super busy with school, but I’m not too stressed, because I’m actually enjoying it. I like my classes. I like the topics I’m reading about and discussing. I had forgotten what it meant to get excited about schoolwork. Now while I still have no idea what I’ll do with my education in the future, I’m really happy in the present.

2. I also really like my GA position. Getting paid to do something I like rather than paid in order to do what I like? I’m actually started to buy into that “do what you love” crap.

3. The problem is actually identifying a passion I can turn into a career. Still working on that. Unfortunately, what I love doesn’t pay as well as what I don’t love. There’s always a catch.

4. I had a great fall break. I celebrated my dad’s birthday, went to a friend’s wedding, and went camping with friends. Although the camping trip was much more rain-soaked than expected, it was a nice weekend.

5. Because of fall break, I was only supposed to have class on Wednesday, but then it got cancelled, so my fall break has been a whole week long! But now that I’m on the other side of break, I have to start looking at all the things due at the end of the semester. It’s amazing how much work there is. I’m still getting used to grad school workloads.

6. The best part about being so busy from now until December is that Advent is anon!

7. My fridge is stocked with cider, beer, wine, margarita mix, and Cokes. I’m ready to tackle the second half of the semester!

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