Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.90)

1. Despite my continuing writer’s block, I’m actually ahead on schoolwork. It’s a grad school miracle! I’m hoping to get some more work done this weekend and stay ahead. It’s a great feeling. 

2. I finally watched The Way this week. I don’t know why I waited so long; it was wonderful! As someone who extremely rarely cries at movies, I teared up at this one. I want to go on pilgrimage now.

3. I’ve also been watching a lot of Jewish holiday videos on youtube. I’m all pumped for Rosh Hashanah, despite not knowing when it is or being Jewish.

4. And then a mixing of Les Mis and Passover. Totally pumped for Easter now too. 

5. Which then led me to reading 2 Maccabees. 1 Maccabees was the first of the deuterocanonal books I read. I didn’t find anything particularly enlightening in it and never got around to reading 2 Maccabees. But reading that now…there is so much going on in there! Maccabeus fighting Gentiles right and left, the hiding of the ark, people getting caught up in Greek-fever, some martyrdoms, praying for the dead, foreshadowing of Jesus. Just because it’s in Greek, some want to throw it all out? Bad, Luther! 

6. The farmer’s market is back on campus. I got some delicious rosemary bread yesterday. It’s taking great restraint to not eat it all at once, but I’m sure it will be gone before Monday.

7. It has finally cooled off into fall here. So of course, people are already mentioning Christmas. No. Stop. Just stop.

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