Monday, September 8, 2014

St. Cloud

St. Cloud (also known as Clodoald) was born into a noble family in France in 522. After his father’s death, his uncles seized the land of Orleans and killed Cloud’s brothers. Cloud survived the massacre. He was disinterested in the politics of the world, and he rejected his claim to the throne. He went to Paris to study under St. Severinus and become a monk. For a time, he secretly lived as a hermit in Provence, but he was discovered and returned to Paris. He was popular among the people there, and they urged him to become a priest in 551. 

Again, he left Paris for seclusion, this time forming a monastery for men who wanted to flee the world for fear of losing their souls to worldly temptations. The monastery was just a few miles from the city, and the suburb still bears his name today. St. Cloud died in 560. He is the patron of nail makers and against carbuncles. His feast day is September 7.

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