Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 71)

1. I thought the stress of grad school wasn’t supposed to start until school actually started, but I’ve been really stressed out with all the paperwork, more paperwork, repeating paperwork you mailed in a month ago but that got lost somewhere so now you have to rush to do it all again, and being told that I am in fact I’m suddenly not considered an in-state resident although I was two days ago when I paid for the semester, but now they’d like an extra $8440 please. And electronic versions of everything do not help; while I enjoy doing things in my pajamas, I really like knowing who or what office is asking for things so I know who to go complain to.

2. Adding to that stress, I got locked out of the laundry room yesterday with clothes in the washer. When I tried to call my landlady, I realized my phone had randomly thrown a tantrum and deleted all my contacts. Yeah, I was in a great mood yesterday.

3. Speaking of stress when school starts, I’m not even sure when school does start. I probably need to look that up soon… and order books… and get excited for class instead of complaining about all the bureaucracy problems.

4. I wanted to get one more blog post done this week, but yesterday was a wash for me. And it’s going to take me all weekend and probably a good chunk of next week to recover from the amount of seeing people I have to do to get things straightened out. (Recover = wine, Netflix, nap, repeat as needed.)

5. The deadline for all of this to be sorted out is Thursday. Oh, and look, Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation. That’s really good, because I could use extra church this coming week. (And while I could go to morning Mass every day, I know I’m not going to.)

6. I’m working slowly through Orthodoxy, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m writing down lots of quotes, which is always a sign that I’m hooked. I really need to up my game on my reading before school reading takes over.

7. While I’m complaining a lot about school, I’m also really excited. I love being a student. It’s that whole “career/life after school” that I’m not so good at or keen on.

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