Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Annual Easter Rant

The Maundy Thursday service is usually my favorite of the year. It's so barren and reflective of the betrayal. But this year didn't do the stripping of the altar, plus the choir sang, which seemed so out of place for a service usually ending in silence. But Easter service was good. I know Easter is commercialized too, but I'm glad it's not as hijacked as Christmas. However, a reason it isn't is because too many Christians place Christmas above Easter. Easter should be the holiday of the Christian faith, but it only gets secondary status because Christmas is more fun. We don't have to reflect on our sins and the costs of our betrayal and sins with Christmas. But Easter reminds us of our most darkest actions. It has a positive message in the end of course, but it's a grace we aren't worthy of. We don't like admitting how undeserving we are of God's love and mercy. But that's why Lent and Easter are so very important

[Picture is Bunny Cake from last year. I don't have any Easter pics from this year. While I think Easter should focus on Christ, I don't mind some of the commercialism that celebrates spring. After all, the Resurrection was the biggest spring of all.]